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About Us

We are a company whose innovative water systems harness the powerful resources of nature to deliver results that are cost-effective and respect our environment. At our core, the key to our success is Liquid Conversion Technology (LCT), a process that radically activates and energizes liquids utilizing indigenous mineral ores …

About Us

What is Liquid Conversion Technology ?

Liquid Conversion Technology is a process that utilizes indigenous mineral ores to radically energize and activate colliding water molecules to improve the physical and biological properties of water. When water touches/collides with the Pursanova mineral ores in the chamber, an Electro-kinetic phenomenon or Peltier effect occurs (the principle of electrical interface with ceramic mineral ores (ball), through friction and collision). causing heat transition or an electro-double-layer in the boundary surface of the ores and water. This resultant positive charge directly affects the water improving interfacial activity, and the molecules to adopt a specific relative geometry.

Pursanova’s system, differs from water purification, but rather an “Activation” process, that brings water back to its original powerful state. However, we also include in our process a filtration system, so we can clean the water first, and then improving it by allowing it to go through our Pursanova Tube, and thus activate it, as nature intend.

Where do we use our products ?

The Agriculture

  • Odor is eliminated and stench decreases significantly.
  • Drainage processing costs are controlled.
  • Livestock meat quality improves (1-2 class rise for pigs).
  • Antibiotic usage on animals significantly decreases.
  • There is a sharp decrease in livestock deaths. (For example, the average pig death rate of 8-13% decreases to 3-5%.)
  • Livestock yard and hot-house environments are more effectively sanitized.
  • Freshness is enhanced because the water retention of the plant is increased.
  • Pursanova water improves the quality and quantity of harvest. (For example, eggplant yield increases nearly 18% per acre.)
  • Streptococcus in fish is eliminated after 10-20 days of use.
  • Smell in fish processing plants decreases and fish oil adhesions are removed.

The Industries

  • With the Pursanova system, the bacteria count decreases in the water.
  • Laundry is cleaner and static electricity is reduced by almost 50%.
  • Air quality and humidity in rooms are improved.
  • Financial benefits from rust prevention are gained as scale deposits in cooling towers and boilers are removed
  • Water-related maintenance is made easy.
  • Pursanova systems are easier to clean than other competitors’ products
  • Systems eliminate unpleasant smells in bathrooms, sinks, laundry rooms, grease traps, and purification tanks.
  • Pursanova water will remove red rust in 1 to 2 weeks and gradually remove scaling that is unavoidable in large buildings that are 20-25 years old.
  • Water color and clarity is improved throughout the building.
  • Pursanova water treatment systems are safer, more durable, and easier to install and maintain compared to other competitors.
  • Scaling in boiler tanks from calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate is eliminated 2-3 months after installation

The commercials

  • The kitchen and cooking areas are cleaner and easier to maintain.
  • When vegetables are soaked and meat is washed in Pursanova water, the freshness lasts longer.
  • Within 3 weeks of installing a Pursanova water treatment system, most odors will disappear, and grease traps and sludge will be dissolved.
  • Brewing coffee and tea with Pursanova water, less coffee beans and tea leaves are necessary to achieve a noticeably better taste.
  • Pursanova water makes broth and rice more flavorable.
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The residental & Personnal

  • Pursanova water cleans and eliminates odor in aquariums.
  • Pursanova water improves the home environment by eliminating unpleasant water-related odors.
  • Cooking and rinsing with Pursanova water assures that food remains fresher for longer periods, coffee and tea taste better, and food is more nutritious.
  • Bodily fluids are deoxidized, strengthened, and more balanced. Pursanova water helps strengthen the body’s immune system and promotes good hygiene.
  • Drinking half a gallon of Pursanova water per day improves all bodily functions by rejuvenating the body’s cell structures.
  • Plants treated with Pursanova water show healthier growth and a longer duration of flowering.