Adding the new Pursanova Disk to a Pursanova Energizing tube makes a difference

When crop consultant Dr. Michael McNeil tells us of promising results in a field test, we listen. This morning he reported seeing clear-cut growth gains in Minnesota corn where early-season soil fertility was applied — carried in water treated by a complete Pursanova system. That means the energizing tube which we’ve used for years, plus a new “disk” fitted around the water pipe. Here’s the background.

Water Quality Concerns

Dr. Michael McNeil June 27, 2018 — Earlier this year, Dr. McNeil tested a research setup allowing him to perform scientific germination and grow-out trials with variations in Pursanova treatments. The 5-minute YouTube video at this link explains the system in detail, with early clues on how fast-growing watercress performed as a test crop. When we called Mike for details, he also told me of a field-scale trial on corn in Minnesota, where the grower applied early liquid fertilizer carried in water which had been energized/structured with the complete Pursanova combination: Triple filter, tube containing marble-sized compacted ores, and the disk.
“You can see the clear-cut difference in corn, right to the row,” he said. We’re pursuing some photos from the field as a followup.

If you’ve followed Renewable Farming, you’ve probably seen our observations on the original Pursanova stainless tube for water energizing. We’ve used and tested it for our entire family’s residential use for several years. The tube’s special ores, compressed into small marbles inside the tube, energize water. One result is about a 15% reduction in water’s surface tension. Another is that water’s ability to carry minerals is enhanced. We don’t need a water softener.

Water Quality Concerns

Stainless Pursanova tubes contain special ores

Water Quality Concerns

Small Pursanova disk.
These are made in many sizes to fit the application.
However, we’ve not added Pursanova’s “Disk,” which Pursanova president Vatché Keuftedjian is including as an integral part of most of installations he’s now completing around the world. His latest was in the Dominican Republic.
Mike’s view is that the disk, which uses only the energy created by the flow of passing water, “intensifies the oscillation of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water.” When he tested untreated and treated water in his experimental setup (see the video), untreated water was slow to absorb in dry potting soil. However, water which had passed through only the disk “absorbed immediately.” So did water treated with both the disk and the tube.

Water Quality Concerns
Vatché and a Pursanova reverse osmosis self-contained unit

For a thorough review of what Pursanova does, please visit the Pursanova website. The founder and owner, Vatché Keuftedjian, travels worldwide and custom-installs large installations for major corporations and governments. Some are cooling systems for huge refineries. Others are special water conditioning setups for manufacturers. But Vatché reserves a special niche and high priority for farmers, as you’ll see on the company website. One of his ag packages includes a reverse osmosis system, which runs in series with the tube and disk. Here’s a photo of Vatché and that compact RO system.