Pursanova™ Hydroponic Trials

Introduction :

Water, H2O, is essential for life, Hydrogen makes up 90% of the known matter in the universe. Biologically, oxygen is what combusts (oxidizes) hydrogen, releasing energy and it is hydrogen that protects cells from free radical damage. All antioxidants are sources of hydrogen or negative hydrogen ions and hydrogen is the ultimate antioxidant and source of protons for ATP production.

Objectives :

The general objective of this study was to determine the effects of Pursanova ™ Activated Water on strawberry, runner tip plant production and on the growth of corn, soybean and wheat in a hydroponic growing system (hereinafter, the Cascade). A secondary objective was to evaluate fertilizer rates in Pursanova™ Activated Water on the crops grown.

Conclusion and Recommendations :

Pursanova™ Activated Water was used in a hydroponic Cascade system for strawberry plant propagation and for growing corn, soybean and wheat plants from seed. It was concluded that the Activated Water had a positive effect on strawberry runner tip propagation and on soybean growth and bean production. The results on corn and wheat were inconclusive when grown within the parameters of a hydroponic system.