Orange Moisture

Pursanova Water Ensures Produce Freshness

Below is a simple experiment that proves Pursanova water’s ability to achieve unexcelled freshness and moisture preservation.
Two oranges were soaked: one in tap and other in Pursanova water. In order to promote decay, we have wrapped and sealed the
two oranges with plastic wraps.

Pursanova Water Retains Freshness

As one can see from the results, Pursanova water promotes freshness and moisture preservation ability.

Results of the Orange Experiment

In this experiment, the orange soaked in Pursanova water retained its freshness for 6 months at room temperature.
Orange producers usually use acid water, ozone-water, and liquid sodium hypochlorite to disinfect their produce.
No matter what types of disinfection methods are used, the cells of the orange will eventually deteriorate and its
freshness will last only a month or two.
However, Pursanova water did not disinfect cells of the orange, but rather activated and energized those cells. The
Pursanova orange did not lose nutritional value and was protected from bacterial infestation. As a result, the orange
remained edible for 6 months at room temperature!