Communication Between A Farmer and a Researcher Regarding Pursanova

All I recalled from those capillary experiments is that when WakeUP is in the water, phloem transfer by pumping out of the leaves speeds up, but capillary action up the xylem tubes slows down. Thus we have to find a balance to maximize sugar transfer to roots, without hampering water uptake significantly.

These “wicking” experiments are a proxy for moving water via capillary action. And yes, our well water run through the Pursanova tube will “wick” about 57% faster than the water pulled directly from the same well. An 8-­‐ounce jar with Pursanova water empties in 70 minutes. Eight ounces of well water took 110 minutes. It may take a couple more hours than that to empty the jar with a squirt of WakeUP in the Pursanova water.

So… there is a good rationale for Irrigating Christmas trees, or houseplants, with Pursanova water if you are wanting to amplify water uptake.

Those turf treatments with surfactants that claim to reduce water use are,apparently, just constraining uptake.We’ve also seen some evidence of reduced evaporation with WakeUP In the solution, but we need to repeat the pan evaporation trials a few times. I do know that you sure don’t want to put WakeUP in your “wick” type humidifier… it virtually shuts down wicking and evaporation.

I admire your memory! Somewhere in my hundreds of photos I’m sure I have similar photos to these, which I took this afternoon after setting up this little demo again.