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The PursaLex for pools, lakes, and fountains will improve water quality and decrease maintenance costs for your outdoor landscaping and recreational needs.

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PursaLex for Pools

Water quality maintenance is one of the greatest daily challenges in swimming pool operations. Chlorine can have damaging effects on the human body, corrode facilities, and cause related maintenance problems while increasing overall utility and water costs. Data obtained from numerous public water facilities and related industries shows the economical and health benefits of using water treated with our proprietary system in such operations. Pursanova also offers excellent product maintenance services while maintaining affordable prices.
We’ve received many enthusiastic comments from pool patrons, coaches, and staff:
“The water is just so much cleaner.”
“Our patrons enjoy the clean and refreshed water in our pools.”
“With the Pursanova PursaLex we’ve definitely seen an improvement with chlorine related problems.”

Common Problems In Public Swimming Pools That PursaLex Can Solve:

Health Issues

Chlorine can cause eye irritation as well as allergic reactions in some individuals, especially in the sinuses and on skin. Swimming in chlorinated pools can also aggravate throat and breathing conditions and damage or bleach hair.

Polluted Water

Polluted water can cause a foul odor and make the water cloudy and opaque. This means that more hypochlorous acid and potassium permanganate will need to be used, and filtration tanks will require more back-washing. This results in increased water usage.

Facility Degradation

The pool, pipes, infrastructure, and plumbing can become corroded with oily residues, which are difficult to remove. Additionally, mold can grow on walls and ceilings.

Other Problems

Water temperatures can become more susceptible to changes in outside temperatures, resulting in fluctuating patronage rates. It can also have an effect on the overall health and wellbeing of employees.

The PursaLex System Leads to Improved Filtration and Decreased Chemical Usage

Electromagnetic measurements have shown that PursaLex ceramics constantly radiate infrared light in the range of 1 to 20 microns. When these ceramics come in contact with water, the water is activated and becomes more soluble and absorbable. The same effect can then be conferred from the water to any living organism upon contact. Analysis indicates that that surface tension is actually decreased in PursaLex water. Additionally, activated water has been shown to evaporate 70% slower than normal water at room temperature.
Pursanova ceramic ores have been shown to be very safe and are made from natural minerals that undergo a sintering process at 1300 °C. Their polished protective coating ensures continued optimal performance.
Pursanova ceramics are certified by the Japanese Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry under the Japanese Food Hygiene Law (Clause 370).

Benefits for Pools / Lakes / Fountains

Reduction in Chlorine Related Problems

• Significant reduction in release of chlorine gas from chlorinated water
• Relief from itchy, blood-shot, and irritated eyes; improved skin condition
• Relief from throat pain caused by accidental ingestion of water
• Relief from sinus pain and allergic reactions
• Reduced damage and bleaching to hair

Easier Maintenance

• Dramatic improvement in filtration system condition
• Reduction in use of hypochlorous acid, potassium permanganate and other chemicals
• Improved clarity of water; flocculants (clarifying agents) no longer necessary
• Improvement in water’s ability to retain heat
• Significant reduction of chlorine and other swimming pool odors
• Frequency of necessary filtration backwashing dramatically decreased (up to 80% less)

Prevents Facility Corrosion

• Decreased condensation
• Less mold on ceilings and walls
• Reduced sludge build-up on pool walls
• Decreased rust in pipes


Maintaining water quality is one of the most difficult maintenance issues that swimming pool owners must deal with on a daily basis. Serious issues also include “chlorine damage” and its effect on the human body, facility corrosion, maintenance, and utility fees. These all add up, resulting in nothing but stress and additional labor when dealing with swimming pools.
As a testament to our success in PursaLex swimming pool installations, Pursanova has much experience and data obtained from many public facilities and different industries. We are very confident in the financial and health benefits from our technology and our products.

Heating Cost Savings

A decrease in 185 tons of water means a decrease in heating costs equivalent to the cost of heating 185 tons of water. PursaLex treated water also absorbs heat more readily, saving further on heating costs as well as time. Customers can potentially see savings of up to 30% in heating costs alone thanks to the temperature stabilizing effects of the PursaLex system.

Additional Considerations

The system also helps maintain temperatures in swimming pools. In one example from a region with colder climate, the swimming pool water temperature typically measured around 30 °C at night. The following morning, the temperature would usually drop by about one degree. After installing the Pursanova PursaLex System, the average drop in water temperature fell to 0.5 °C. This feature has helped many pool facilities cut heating costs. Swimming coaches and pool staff have also noted fewer symptoms of cold exposure such as back aches, muscle stiffness, and joint pain. Some swimming pool facilities even reported that staff members were catching colds less frequently after installing the Pursanova PursaLex System.