New PN-12 Water Treatment Device from Pursanova. Water treatment for your home or business

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Does Water Have Memory? The Answer is YES.

New PN-12 Water Treatment Device from Pursanova. Water treatment for your home or business – Does just that.

From spa to home kitchens and food processing to gardening, the Pursanova PN-12 is a water treatment system with a wide variety of personal and commercial uses.PN -12 is safer, more durable, easier to install and maintain.

Why not experience the benefits of Pursanova Water for yourself?

• Pursanova water improves the home environment by eliminating unpleasant water-related odors.
• Cooking and rinsing with Pursanova water assures that food remains fresher for longer periods, coffee and tea taste better, and food is more nutritious.
• Bodily fluids are deoxidized, strengthened, and more balanced. Pursanova water helps strengthen the body’s immune system and promotes good hygiene.
• Drinking half a gallon of Pursanova water per day improves all bodily functions by rejuvenating the body’s cell structures.
• Plants treated with Pursanova water show healthier growth and a longer duration of flowering.
• Pursanova water cleans and eliminates odor in aquariums.

With PN- 12 you are really cooking

Any time you cook with water treated by the PN 12, you’ll find that the food you prepare will taste better and won’t spoil as quickly. Vegetables will stay fresher much longer. Yeast will be more active when baking bread, resulting in lower sodium bread as less salt is used while remaining firm. You will also get a better, more savory stock when making soups as the PN-12 water will absorb the flavor more effectively.

Much more than just hygiene

We recommend the PN-12 water treatment system for those with skin conditions such as atopic syndrome, eczema, or dry skin. You’ll also notice a more enjoyable bathing experience as the purified water helps your skin retain more moisture and maintain a healthier scalp and hair. In addition, you’ll find that your bathtub and toilet will be less prone to mineral deposits and buildups often caused by hard water.

Commercial Benefits

Food Preparation, Restaurants & Cafes

• The kitchen and cooking areas are cleaner and easier to maintain.
• When vegetables are soaked and meat is washed in Pursanova water, the freshness lasts longer.
• Within 3 weeks of installing a PN-12 water treatment system, most odors will disappear, and grease traps and sludge will be dissolved.
• Brewing coffee and tea with Pursanova water, less coffee beans and tea leaves are necessary to achieve a noticeably better taste.
• Pursanova water makes broth and rice more flavorable.

New definition of water for your food processing equipments/plants

We recommend the PN-12 for factories that specialize in food processing and facilities and plants that require regular removal and cleaning of mineral deposits and/or sludge from equipment. Embrace the freedom that Pursanova water can give you.

Other Commercial Applications

For Saloons, Dental Clinics, Laundry, Supermarkets

• With the PN-12, the bacteria count decreases in the water.
• Laundry is cleaner and static electricity is reduced by almost 50%.
• Air quality and humidity in rooms are improved.
• Water-related maintenance is made easy.
• PN-12 eliminates unpleasant smells in bathrooms, sinks, laundry rooms, grease traps, and purification tanks.