Activate your water!

PursanovaTM recharges your water and activates its physical and biological properties.

Over the centuries, water has lost its natural quality and energy. The hydrogen bond has weakened due to the toxification of our environment and the closed anaerobic conditions found in municipal and residential piping.

Inspired by nature, our process of applying ceramic mineral ores to our products improves the physical and biological properties of water. The key principle of our success is liquid conversion technology (LCT), a process that radically activates and energizes liquids utilizing indigenous mineral ores. PursanovaTM’s mineral ores energize and activate colliding water molecules to enhance your water quality.

As mountain streams collect trace, minerals, and nutrients from the rocks, soil, and vegetation in its path, a natural watercourse is created with continuously built-up energy. This water contains the highest energy at night, moving in a “cycloid spiral space-curve motion.”

Similar to what transpires in nature, PursanovaTM’s mineral ores activate the electrical charges of the hydrogen atom through resonate frequencies broadcast to water molecules. These resonating frequencies transmit at a particular wavelength and change the chemical structure—or bonds—of the water molecules. The mineral ores continuously resonate these frequencies, producing a buffering—or balancing—reaction to water.

From decisions regarding fertilizer inputs to run-off, at PursanovaTM, we have developed solutions for farmers and growers to meet their day-to-day challenges.

Water For Agriculture

Agricultural Benefits for Growers Using PursanovaTM Water:

• Reduces fertilizer inputs while increasing yields
• Limits fertilizer run-off (“zero” nitrogen retained in solution in PSI tests)
• Increases fertilizer ROI
• Decreases water usage by making water “wetter” (1” of rain water will make ground wetter than 1” of irrigation water)
• Potentially decreases the amount of labor necessary to water crops
• Delivers more energy to the plants
• Produces excellent results as spray water
• Leads to positive outcomes when formulating foliar sprays or planter-placed liquids
• Helps clean pipes, tapes, and sprinkler heads
• Reduces applied pesticides because by increasing their activity/effectiveness
• Potentially increases crop yields and ROI, while reducing chemical run-off and pesticide use rates

Testimonials from Farmers Who Used Our RO Systems, Tubes and Disks

“Both seeds planted same day & time. 2 different fields that are next 2 each other. One used whatever they been using of their well water, but the right is all Pursanova.”

From Webster City, Lowa

Water For Agriculture

“Corn on right 24 hours younger. Water 3-gal starter and Pursanova H2O. Corn on left 6 gal of starter and No Pursanova water. Pretty impressive look at the difference in root and stem size.”
Pretty neat the other thing we saw yesterday there is a weed that no herbicide seems to Kill. We mixed the Pursanova water with the herbicide mix and today the weeds have wilted over and are dying. Awesome deal

From Lewiston, Minnesota

Water For Agriculture