Unpleasant smells are eliminated in bathrooms, sinks, laundry rooms, grease traps, and in purification tanks. Cleaning of systems is easier.


Buildings & Hotels

  • The Pursanova system has distinct advantages in safety, installation, durability and maintenance over other options.
  • Pursanova water will stop red rust in 1 to 2 weeks and also gradually remove scaling that is unavoidable in large buildings that are 20-25 years old.
  • Scale deposits in cooling towers and boilers are removed, running costs are decreased, and financial benefits from rust prevention are realized.
  • The Pursanova system when installed simplifies any water related maintenance.
  • With the Pursanova system, there is decreased bacteria count in the water.
  • Laundries are cleaner and static electricity is reduced by almost 50%.
  • Room air quality and humidity are improved.
  • Two to three months after installation, scaling inside the boiler tank, caused by calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate, is eliminated.
  • Throughout the building, water color and clarity is improved.