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Mr.Vatche’ Keuftedjian
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Bartlett, IL 60103

Dear Mr. Keuftedjian,
I am pleased to inform you that the results from our trial in the broiler house on Collins Farm LLC in Greenwich Ohio were very positive. The barn with the Pursanova system installed showed a feed savings of 34,835 lbs. or 6% for this flock. The Pursanova system also resulted in a 10.9% savings in water consumed or 12,951 gallons of water, and 191 fewer culled birds. These are significant savings that prove the value of Pursanova system and the economic benefits gained from its’ installation well exceed the cost of the system.
We installed our custom trailer with the Pursanova water system into the water supply line of one of the three identical barns used to feed out broiler/meat chickens. The trailer uses two 1″ disks on the inlet side one pre-filter and one post filter and one 1 1/2″ bio-disk on the outlet, the water is filtered through four banks of three filters each then runs through a PN60 Pursanova tube into a 1000 gallon stainless steel holding tank. As the tank is filling the water is circulated through another PN60 Pursanova tube, then is pumped to the barn as needed.
The Pursanova system was installed on day 5 of a 58 day total feeding for the flock. We believe based on the results from the time the Pursanova system was installed until the flock was harvested that had the system been in use from day one the economic benefits would have been even greater. This would have been noticed especially in fewer culled birds as the smaller birds are more susceptible visits from the grim reaper. The feed and water numbers would also improve if the system remained in place as the piping in the barn would be cleaned out and any residue left in the lines that would affect the birds’ health would be gone.
The results from the broiler barn test are encouraging and are similar to the results relayed to us from the Eshelman hog barn in Bellevue, OH. Where according to the herdsman the Pursanova system resulted in 192,000 lbs of feed savings in one herd of pigs over a 120 day time period. The hogs were also healthier and there were significantly fewer hogs that died or were culled in the barn with the Pursanova water system installed. The herdsman also stated and others who visited the barns noticed the odor in the barn with Pursanova system was far less offensive than in the control barn, and the hogs were more relaxed.
Based on these positive results we expect similar significant economic impacts on layer chickens and in dairy barns when we install the Pursanova system.


Scott Apple
President, Black Swamp Ag, Inc.